About Azure Developer Community
Azure Developer Community is a unique upskilling platform aimed at helping developers learn, upskill, and network by attending regular community-events, and sharing knowledge and growing along with the other community members. With a huge multitude of members already joining the bandwagon, this community is already making ripples of expansion.

Azure Developer Community members work selflessly and whole heartedly to enhance the technology learning and skilling that the developers of the future need to succeed.
Flexible programs and modules on emerging technologies that ensure deep learning.
Interact with like-minded people, exchange thoughts & ideas, play a learner- teacher role within the community.
Just the right ingredient to make that tectonic shift in your workplace and give your career an upward swing.
Who should join?
Tech enthusiasts who are passionate about continuous learning, who believe that sharing knowledge is a catalyst to growth, and who understand the value networking brings on the table.
What to expect?
Learn the best practices through regular technical knowledge sharing sessions from professionals & community contributors to help you scale up your skill set.